composed by katarina miljkovic
performed by EMMA

FOR MAXIMUM DETAIL, PLEASE LISTEN AT A HIGH VOLUME WITH HEADPHONES OR GOOD SPEAKERS. There are extreme low & high frequencies that are not audible on low quality speakers.

an improvised, immersive work for three acoustic instruments and electronics, composed by Katarina Miljkovic and performed by EMMA.

ASCENT explores a gradual process of frequency modulation, from a sine wave to a complex sound. The sine wave begins below the threshold of hearing (heard only through the activation of its upper partials) and slowly evolves to a shattering, synesthetic landscape. The listener experiences a sound oscillation in slow motion, beginning with stasis, unfolding into an explosive sonic expansion, and returning to silence. Each element of the piece is conceived based on a sound oscillation—from the musical material to the form. 

ASCENT premiered in 2018 at Waterworks Museum (Boston), presented by Non-Event.

EMMA is:
a Boston/Hudson-based collective, creating music and sound at the intersection of
electronics, multimedia, microtonality and algorithms. Core members for ASCENT include:

Katarina Miljkovic (Boston)
Chris Watford (Hudson)
Nima Janmohmmadi (Boston)